Monday, March 4, 2019

Welcome to!

I use this site for portfolio, promotion, and long term information. You can check out my books, some of my work, as well as interviews and reviews, past and upcoming appearances, and learn a little about me.
To follow me for short term updates, doodles, and photos of my dogs, find me on

You can buy my books online, at books stores book local and chain, or directly from me at conventions and appearances. If you are in Buffalo NY please check out Gutterpop Comics or Alice Ever After
I do not have an online store, to pick up some of my smaller merch like buttons and prints, you'll have to find me in person!

For non convention in person visits, I do occasionally do library visits, school visits, and workshops, but to be honest, with my busy schedule and being a bit nervous talking to groups (even if I don't look it) I only do them rarely. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask me about my availability, I typically do local visits in the Western NY area, but not exclusively!

Contact me via my email with any questions and thanks for visiting!