Monday, March 4, 2019

Welcome to!

I use this site for portfolio, promotion, and long term information. You can check out some of my work, mostly older stuff, as well as see interviews and reviews, see past and upcoming appearances, and learn a little about me.

To follow me for short term updates, doodles, and random photos of my dogs, find me on social media, preferably

Recently my new book "History Comics: The Wild Mustang" came out. You can buy it online, locally or go to the "books" section of this site to have one of my books personalized/signed and sent directly to you. To pick up some of my merch like buttons and prints, you'll have to find me in person!

Contact me via my email with any questions and thanks for visiting!

Mac and cheese

This comic was made for Ever Child a Readers free comic book, this years book was called "One World Many Stories" and I wrote about how mac and cheese connects to myself and to the world
You can download the complete book for free here

Centaur Illustrations

Deep Space illustration

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


As you might guess, I dont update this site often. BUT my new book about baking is almost out, Feb 5th! You can preorder or if youre a Buffalo NY local pick up a signed copy Feb 16th at GutterPop Comics & More on Elmwood Ave. Check back here soon for an updated site or keep up with my on my social media of choice instagram